Hello! I’m Steve Whitby 

Business Life

I’ve been a South Carolina State Certified Real Estate Appraiser for 29+ years. My coverage area includes 6 counties in the beautiful upstate region of South Carolina. I only do single-family residential, vacant land, and/or single unit condominiums. I do not do commercial appraisals. 

I’ve inspected over 7,750+ properties and have met some amazing people from all over the world. And even more so, I have had the privilege of appraising some amazing homes! My favorite type of properties are the more rural properties as they seem to offer the best “hidden gems” of the real estate world. 

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Home Life

I am married to Kathy Whitby of Barefoot Farms of Belton. And if ever there was a definition of “pioneer woman”, my wife fits it to a “T”. She loves her farm and she loves her animals! I often tell people that her motto is “If a man can build it, a woman can tear it apart and rebuild it!” 

Steve & Kathy Whitby
Steve & Kathy Whitby

And don’t even get me started on our grandchildren! I will say that it’s true what they say about being a grandparent and spoiling grandchildren.

Hobby Life

Over the past few years, the video and photography bug kept biting me. I bought a drone (DJI Phantom 3) and Canon 70D DSLR camera. And although they are “hobbies”, I now offer them as a service to clients.

 I’ve also gotten really serious about SEO/Digital Marketing.  It involves everything I’m passionate about. Helping businesses with their online presence, their client/customer base, and most of all, increasing their revenue.  I’ve been fortunate to have a few of the best SEO/ Digital Marketing mentors out there today. SEO/Digital Marketing is a serious business and to see business owners reap what they sow when they apply it is one of the best feelings there is! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Steve Whitby